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Hello, blog!

Hello friends

I usually keep everything to myself or colleagues, but Scott Hanselman inspired me to start inviting other people to accompany me during my adventures. I read that My words are wasted, so I decided to try writing about things I discover, work with, and have something to say about.

The first question stands: how do I run my blog? Well, I am a software engineer, aren't I?

Recently, I have been watching a super entertaining series where Daving Wengier builds a game with trains in C#, called (surprise!) Trains.NET. He talked about how he treats .NET project files as literal code, meaning that clean code rules apply to them too. Usually, my experience was that people just dump there whatever works and forget until they need to update a Nuget package or upgrade the .NET Core version.

I thought to myself, well, my blog will be treated as code too! So I wrote my small blog app which you are using to read from right now.

Blog posts text is code! So I write it using markdown, and convert it to this format using Markgid library.

As a programmer, I have always struggled to decide on anything that I wanted to build on my own time, apart from the things I do at work. This project gave me something to work on and I convinced myself that it is useful enough that I will support it in the future. This project is powered by .NET and I am happy that I am using my favourite programming tools to write something for myself.

I hope you are having a great day!