Hello folks

My name is Kostiantyn Sharovarskyi.

I am a software engineer from Ukraine. I enjoy building things for a living. Nowadays, I mostly use C# and .NET, but I am not too picky, so whatever gets the job done is fine by me.

I have a lot of stuff at GitHub github iconkostya9. Not sure how much of that still works, but hey, it's the effort that matters, right?

Outside of programming, I enjoy going to places I have never been before. Also, I love me some exciting anime series, or play a nice game of League of Legends.

If you want to contact me for personal or business reasons, please do so at kostiantyn@sharovarskyi.com.

I am also sometimes at Twitter twitter iconk_sharovarskyi, writing me there works too.

Oh, I also try blogging sometimes at sharovarskyi.com/blog! My latest post is Writing an OBS plugin with .NET NativeAOT